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Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Program

Looking for birth and parenting education that prepares you for more than just the day you give birth?
Mindfulness skills are for life.

Having a baby is often one of the most transformative experiences in a person's life. No matter how they go, pregnancy and birth are intense, both physically and emotionally, preparing one for the journey of parenting.

Choose between a nine-week course or a weekend workshop.

During the course, you will learn to:

  • Access your capacity for deep physical and mental relaxation.
  • Engage your mind to work with the sensation of labor.
  • Increase confidence and courage for the experience of labor and birth.
  • Practice prenatal yoga for strength and flexibility.
  • Develop skills for managing stress in pregnancy, parenting , and daily life.
  • Enhance partner communication skills.
  • Become more aware of your own approach to parenting.

MBCP 9-week series: 

  • Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, January 8-March 12 (no class February 19) and all day February 16, 9am-4:30pm.
  • Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, May 7-July 2 and all day June 15, 9am-4:30pm.
  • Tuesday evenings 6-9pm, September 24-November 19 and all day on November 2, 9am-4:30pm.

Mind in Labor Weekend:

  • December 6-8

For more information on The Mindfulness-Based Childbirth and Parenting Program or to register please contact:
Julie Lillestol at (507)266-2016 or e-mail

Currently no charge for these classes (a $400 value)!